Patrick McCartney (1804 to 1874) was my great, great grandfather. This year will mark150 years ago since he bought the lease for the 66 acre Pennyburn estate in Derry at an auction for £1505 in 1865 just after the ruins of the windmill were demolished.The old Pennyburn windmill dated back to the middle of the 17th century and was a strategic stronghold for the Jacobite troops and can be seen on 'The Neville Map' of 1689.


Patrick restored the remaining flour mills (water mills) to their former glory and Pennyburn again became a thriving business.


The music on this album is inspired by events mainly from the period 1865 until 1912 when John McCartney JP died and my grandmother Catherine McCartney left for England.


The album contains a booklet which goes into detail of the McCartneys history and the impact they had in Derry. There are 11 tracks each with notes on the musical interpretation.




The McCartneys Of Pennyburn


Some pictures relating to  the album , The McCartneys Of Pennyburn 1865 - 1912

The full House Of Lords report on John McCartney 's victory over the Lough Swilly Railway 1904.

A Phaeton Carriage.
A Phaeton Carriage.

John McCartney JP
John McCartney JP

In front of Pennyburn house

Catherine Griffith ( McCartney) on her wedding day

A Phaeton Carriage.
A Phaeton Carriage.


More history of Pennyburn and the McCartneys

can be found on this link

Now out of print but very good book covering history of Pennyburn and the McCartneys